!!! The applications are closed for 2015-2016; the expected opening for the accademic year 2016-2017 is February 1st !!!

This two-semester program is a specialty (second and last year, Master 2 in the French system) of the Master "Electronique, Electrotechnique, Automatique et Traitement du Signal (EEATS)". The French master is 2 year, but when you apply a centralized University board examines your application to grant you, if suitable, the first year as equivalent and at the end of the one-year MiSCIT program you obtain a diploma corresponding to 2 years of studies (Master EEATS, MiSCIT specialty diploma). We welcome students who obtained (by the end of Spring at the latest):

  • at least 180 ECTS for the students in an exchange programme who wish to join MiSCIT for one semester in order to validate specific classes in their home institution;
  • at least 240 ECTS (typically 4 years of University studies) for students wishing to validate the Master 2 level.
For students from foreign countries who completed a full Bachelor program of 4 years or more, your application will be evaluated by a specific jury (called the Commission de Validation des Acquis).


In order to apply to this master program, the prospective student should:

  • hold a M1, bachelor or equivalent degree completed after four full years of University studies;
  • have followed basic classes in Automatic Control;
  • prove an English proficiency with CEFR (B2), TOEFL (IBT 87-109), IELTS (5.5-6.5), TOEIC (785-945) or equivalent. Students coming from English-speaking countries or/and who had a University curriculum in English are considered proficient enough. If you don't have the opportunity to take the test in your home University, an English test is organized during the first week of the classes, to check the level of everyone.

Application procedure

To subscribe, you should follow the instructions given here. More precisely, apply to Campus France first (if your country is included in this program, otherwise proceed directly with Equiv) and then to Equiv.

For Campus France:

  • search the Masters ``automatique''
  • order the results by city and look for ``Saint-Martin-d'Hères'' (the suburb of Grenoble where the University is)
  • select ``Master Sciences, technologies, santé mention électronique, électrotechnique, automatique, traitement du signal spécialité automatique'', Reference: 21738-1305
  • Note that the indicated two years duration includes the first year of the Master, which should already be completed in your home country (with an engineering degree, a 4 years bachelor program or a 3 years bachelor + 60 ECTS at the Master level).
  • go to ``prepare for your stay'' and follow the application procedure there.

For Equiv:

  • first fill in your personal information;
  • on screen N°2 PROGRAMMES OFFERED, select first ``All the formations'', then:
    • ``Systems, Control and Information Technology (MISCIT)...'';
  • on screen N°3 HIGH SCHOOL DEGREE: this corresponds to the diploma obtained before going to the University (typically at 18 in the French system). If you do not have a French "Bac" select "high school degree". The distinctions are: correct (pass) = P, satisfactory (honors) = AB, good (high honors) = B, very good (highest honors) = TB.
  • then proceed with the other steps in order to complete your application.
  • note that sending the paper version of your application via regular mail is MANDATORY: your application will not be considered otherwise.

Fees and estimated cost of life

As an estimation of your cost of life in Grenoble:

  • Tuition fees: 470 euros (reference for the 2013/2014 academic year), including insurance. Most of the tuition fee - approximately 6000 euros - is funded directly by the French Higher Education Department;
  • Accommodation: public student residents 136 euros to 350 euros, private studio 300 euros to 500 euros;
  • Food: public student restaurant 200 euros to 250 euros.
  • For more information and booking, browse the CROUS website


Several financial ressources are available for foreign students with excellent accademic background:

  • Students with excellent accademic records and highly interested in pursuing a Ph.D. thesis with a lab in Grenoble can apply to the UJF predoc or to the Persyval-lab predoc scholarships!
  • Eiffel scholarships for foreign students. A special procedure at UJF allows us to evaluate the Eiffel applications before the Eiffel deadline. Please be aware that there are very few scholarships available (1 or 2 per year for the whole UJF). Please complete your Eiffel application as soon as possible and send it to the head of the Master program (including transcripts, motivation letter and recommandation letters).
  • Scholarships "Accueil sup" offered by Region Rhone-Alpes
  • More on Campus France

2014 applications schedule (see UJF applications website)

  • Beginning of classes: September 1st (expected).

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