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35th International Summer School of Automatic Control September, 8-12, 2014, Grenoble

The 35th International Summer School of Automatic will be held in Grenoble, September, 8-12, 2014. It will focus on Modern Tools for Nonlinear Contral. The goal is to expose a large community of students and researchers to novel nonlinear control tools developed in the last decade by internationally renowned experts. The Summer School is dedicated to PhD students, but it is open to researchers and teachers in control engineering or in applied mathematics. Basic knowledge in automatic control and mathematics will be useful. The registration is open until 15 July 2014.

During the five days of the school, several breakthrough topics in the context of nonlinear observers design, hybrid control systems and nonlinear optimization will be illustrated by the three speakers. The following three main tracks will be followed.
In the area of hybrid control systems, the students will be exposed to a powerful modelling framework for hybrid dynamical systems and will learn how it can be used to produce novel feedback algorithms to solve a variety of challenging nonlinear control problems. These problems include robust stabilization and tracking on compact manifolds (like the unit circle and SO(3)), tracking in billiard systems (systems with impacts), and uniting local and global controllers, among others.
Attention is given to those specific observers that are finite dimensional dynamical systems with measurements as inputs and estimates as outputs. In this context necessary and sufficient conditions will be characterized, for having the estimates converge to the corresponding theoretical values.
Concerning the nonlinear optimal control design, after recalling basic ideas behind Lasserre’s hierarchy of LMI relaxations for static polynomial optimization, occupation measures are introduced which allow to extend the LMI relaxation hierarchy to dynamic polynomial optimization. Numerical solutions with guaranteed convergence for challenging problems of optimal control will then be presented.

Programm and Registration

D. Henrion, LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse, France and Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
L. Praly, Paris School of Mines, France
A. R. Teel, University of California at Santa Barbara, U.S.A.

Pre-registration: 01.07.2014
Registration: 15.07.2014

Registration Fees: (including access to lectures, accomodations, lunches and Gala Dinner)
Students and academics from developping countries: 175 €
Academics: 450 €
Non academics: 730 €
CNRS and organizers: FREE

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