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HYCON2 Show day - Traffic Modeling, Estimation and Control - 13 mai 2014

This show-day will present methods and results for the traffic show-case application, which corresponds to the operation of the freeway network around the Grenoble area. This research activity has been performed thanks to the use of the Grenoble Traffic Lab (GTL) initiative: a traffic data center (platform) that collects traffic road-infrastructure information in real time. Sensed information comes from a dense wireless sensor network deployed on Grenoble South Ring, providing macroscopic traffic signals such as flows, velocities, etc.
This show Day will be held the 13th May at INRIA Grenoble (Monbonnot) from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

HYCON 2 (Highly-complex and networked control systems) is a EU FP7 Network of Excellence. It aims at stimulating and establishing the long-term integration of the European research community, leading institutions and industry in the strategic field of control of complex, large-scale, and networked dynamical systems. HYCON2 has identified several applications, among which a show-case on “Traffic Modeling, Estimation and Control”.

Some specific tasks realized during this project are:
- Building the traffic data center with magnetic data (data collection, web interface);
- Building the show room (display screens, simulators );
- Calibrating a microscopic simulator from macroscopic data;
- Identifying and classifying a set of specific control and estimation problems;
- Devising innovative methods for: modeling, estimation, and control  for the show case;
- Evaluating the proposed solutions with real data when possible, and with synthetic data from the microscopic simulator otherwise.

The partners of HYCON2 actively involved in this activity have been: NeCS Grenoble (INRIA/CNRS), Univ. Pavia, Univ. L’Aquila, TU Delft, Univ. Sevilla, Lund Univ. Moreover, a strong collaboration has been developed with Univ. Genova.

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