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Workshop on Modelling Reduction Tools for Large Scale Complex Networks - Grenoble 21-22 Sept 2017

This workshop, organized within the context of the ERC-AdG Scale-FreeBack project, aims to investigate problems of modelling, model reduction, aggregation for large-scale dynamical systems and their application to traffic networks. It will be held in Grenoble, 21-22 september 2017 near to Grenoble.

Large-scale systems embed intrinsic issues in terms of computational complexity, which make their analysis and the definition of control architecture difficult.
This workshop aims to exploit approaches and tools coming from different research domains that allow to deal with the problem in a structured and reliable manner. The ultimate goal is to create a suitable atmosphere for discussions.

Scientific Committee: Carlos Canudas-de-Wit (CNRS), Sandro Zampieri (Univ. Padova, Italy), Benjamin Seibold (Univ. Temple, USA), Paolo Frasca (CNRS), Maria Laura Delle Monache (INRIA), Giacomo Casadei (CNRS)
Local organization: Hannah Walter (CNRS), Myriam Etienne (INRIA)
Location: A small castle near to Grenoble, Château la Commanderie

>> Website of the workshop and inscriptions

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