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39th International Summer School of Automatic Control - Grenoble, September, 3-7, 2018

39th Summer School of Automatic Control will be held in Grenoble in September, 3-7 on Modelling and control at micro, nano and quantum scale. The Summer School is mainly intended to Ph.D. students, researchers and scholars interested in nanosystems and nanorobotics, being meanwhile open to industrial participants.

Systems miniaturisation becomes more and more necessary in all domains of science, technology and daily life. Micro- and nano-systems are dedicated to various applications due to advancements in physics, material science, electronics, biology, etc.

Such kind of systems are very challenging from control and estimation viewpoints, as they exhibit complex phenomena such as high-frequency resonance, nonlinearities, noise. Modelling and control of these mechatronic systems are nowadays well established; some advanced methods – like high-order modelling, robust or nonlinear control – have proved their effectiveness.

The aim of this Summer School is to offer the opportunity of a scientific forum from both control systems and robotics communities, around the various challenges and methodologies dedicated to miniaturized systems. To this end, domain experts will be present to share their expertise and cutting-edge research results.

>> Summer School website (program and registration)

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