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Séminaire du département Automatique du 28/08/2013 à 10h30


A formulation and a solution to stability and robustness analysis of nonlinear time delay networks

Intervenant : Hiroshi Ito, Kyushu Institute of Technology (Japan)

Lieu : Salle des séminaires du DAUTO


Résumé :

In diverse areas of science and engineering, module-based methods are widely used for understanding and 
designing large-scale and complicated systems. The distinct advantage of the module approach is that we 
can deduce the behavior of the overall systems from independent observations of simple modules decoupled
 to each other. The module approach is superior to intensive simulation and numerical approximation since
it can provide us with qualitative information as well as quantitative information for prediction and design.
In this talk, we pursue such a philosophy for networks of nonlinear time-delay dynamical systems by 
making use of the notion of integral input-to-state stability (iISS). We allow time-delays to reside in both
subsystems and interconnection channels, and the time-delays may be both discrete and distributed. No 
assumption is made on the interconnection topology of the network. The solution to be presented is an 
extension of a previous result on delay-free netw  orks in the framework of Lyapunov functions. 
This talk not only explains how such an extension can be achieved naturally by introducing the concept
of Lyapunov-Krasovskii functionals, but also highlights the nontrivial modification of the dissipativity 
formulation which is necessary for addressing time-delays.

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