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Séminaire du département Automatique du 07/11/2013 à 14h00


Rollout Event-Triggered Control: Beyond Periodic Performance

Intervenant : Duarte J. Antunes, TU/Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Lieu : Salle des Séminaires du DAUTO, ENSE 3, Bat. B, B208


Résumé :

While potential benefits of choosing the transmission times in a networked control system
based on state or event information have been advocated in the literature, few general 
strategies are available that guarantee closed-loop improvements over traditional periodic
transmission strategies. This talk presents event-triggered controllers that guarantee better
quadratic cost performance than periodic control strategies using the same average transmission
rate.  The proposed strategies are inspired by rollout ideas in the context of dynamic 
programming and the obtained performance improvements are explicitly quantified for quadratic
average cost problems. Several examples illustrate the role that the sporadicity of the events
plays in the obtained performance improvements. 

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