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Séminaire du département Automatique du 19/11/2013 à 10h30


Introducing renewable generation into the power grid: What randomized optimization has to offer.

Intervenant : John Lygeros, ETH (Zurich, Suisse)

Lieu : Salle des séminaires B 208, Département Automatique , Gipsa-Lab


Résumé :

Increasing concerns about energy security and sustainability have fueled a worldwide research effort
into renewable energy sources. The introduction of renewable energy into the existing power grid 
offers a wealth of challenges for control engineers, arising in energy production (e.g. optimization 
of wind turbines and wind farms), energy transmission, and energy distribution (e.g. for distributed 
photovoltaic generation or demand response schemes). On the energy transmission level, a central 
concern is the uncertainty inherent in many forms of renewable generation, currently addressed 
through the procurement of reserves. In this talk we will discuss a stochastic programming problem 
to minimize the amount of reserves purchased subject to probabilistic constraints on meeting energy 
demand despite uncertainty in wind power in-feed. Motivated by the structure of the resulting
 optimization problem we develop a novel randomized optimization approach, which provides an 
interesting bridge between standard robust optimization and the scenario approach for chance 
constrained stochastic programs. 

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