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Séminaire du département Automatique du 14/01/2016 à 10h00


Control and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems in Presence of Uncertainty

Intervenant : Alessandro Papadopoulos, Lund University

Lieu : B208


Résumé : The increasing complexity in different areas of computing systems calls for novel inter-disciplinary approaches, able to cope with dynamic and uncertain environments. Different decision-making mechanisms are considered in the literature, but the robustness of the proposed techniques is proven only on a limited number of cases, without providing general guarantees. The aim of this talk is to present: 1) an overview of simple control techniques that can be applied to relevant problems in computing systems, 2) a performance assessment methodology that gives probabilistic guarantees of the propose techniques in presence of uncertainty. These concepts will be explained via a running example on load-balancing techniques for cloud computing

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