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Séminaire du département Automatique du 26/05/2016 à 14h00


Stability analysis of impulsive systems using Looped-functionals and applications

Intervenant : Alexandre Seuret, CNRS, LAAS

Lieu : B208


Résumé :

This talk deals with the stability analysis of linear uncertain impulsive systems subject to time-dependent impulses. This class of systems represents a particular class of hybrid dynamical systems. In this presentation, the basic ingredients of the recent method based on looped-functionals approach are presented. This recent method considers non-monotonic Lyapunov functions and leads to LMI conditions devoid of exponential terms. The interests of looped-functionals appear first in the relation of some positivity constraints at the price of the satisfaction of a looping condition. Second, they allow one to easily formulate dwell-time results, for both certain and uncertain systems. After presenting the main principles, several applications to sampled-data systems and continuous-time systems coupled with a discrete-time dynamic output feedback are presented to show the efficiency of the method. 

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