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Séminaire du département Automatique du 19/09/2016 à 10h00


Intelligent transportation systems: threat-assessment and decision making for collision avoidance

Intervenant : Gabriel Rodrigues de Campos, Politecnico de Milano

Lieu : B314


Résumé :

The development of new Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has enabled safer, smarter, and greener transport systems.  In this talk, we will cover our line of research focusing on cooperative ITS and active-safety systems for automotive applications.

In particular, we will present our results on semi-autonomous and autonomous collision avoidance solutions at intersections. Leveraging optimal control techniques, we will show how the safety can be enforced and complexity reduced using reachability tools, and how schedule theory can be used to derive optimal, least restrictive supervisory control for a group of human-driven vehicles.

We will also present some results on threat-assessment and decision-making algorithms, with an emphasis on driver-adaptive systems for automated overtaking and emergency interventions.  Finally, we will conclude the presentation with some simulation/experimental results and a discussion on future perspectives

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