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Séminaire du département Automatique du 19/09/2016 à 11h00


Non-equilibrium traffic modeling and control

Intervenant : Irena Strnad, University of Lubjana

Lieu : B314


Résumé :

The talk presents the problem of Variable Speed Limit (VSL) traffic control with respect to the empirical features of traffic breakdown. The method consists of a numerical solution of the selected non-equilibrium traffic model with appropriate boundary conditions to simulate real traffic and determining VSLs in discrete points (variable message signs locations) with differential evolution (DE) algorithm.

Both steps of the method are concerned with the empirical features of traffic behaviour in the congested regime. The selection of the non-equilibrium traffic model was based on the model's capability of simulating real traffic and the descriptive ability of the congestion onset and patterns. The cost function for the differential evolution algorithm was determined with respect to capturing the onset of the traffic breakdown.

The performance of the method is shown on the western Ljubljana bypass in terms of measurements of effectiveness in PTV VISSIM and in terms of traffic safety in SSAM software. 

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