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Séminaire du département Automatique du 27/11/2017 à 11h00


Feedback control of cascades in large-scale networks

Intervenant : Wilbert Samuel ROSSI, University of Twente

Lieu : B208 Gipsa-lab


Résumé :

The spread of new behaviors and technologies in social and economic networks is often driven by cascading mechanisms. In this talk, I focus on the Threshold Model (TM) of cascades on large-scale directed networks with heterogeneous agents. In the TM, first introduced by Granovetter (1978), every agent chooses between two actions comparing the decisions of his/her neighbours with a personal threshold. I discuss a local mean-field approach that allows to approximate the fraction of adopters of one action by a nonlinear, scalar recursion and to prove a concentration theorem. Remarkably, the approach continues to hold if the thresholds are time-varying and controlled within constraints. Therefore, I propose a simple feedback mechanism able to reduce the cascade outbreak on large-scale networks.

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