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Séminaire du département Automatique du 12/07/2018 à 14h00


Delay-robust stabilization of first-order linear hyperbolic PDEs.

Intervenant : Jean AURIOL, Mines ParisTech

Lieu : B208 Gipsa-lab (salle des séminaires Automatique)


Résumé : In this talk we solve the problem of delay-robust stabilization for systems composed of two linear first order hyperbolic equations. More precisely, one must go back to the classical trade-off between convergence rate and delay-robustness: we prove that, for systems with strong reflections, canceling the reflection at the actuated boundary will yield zero delay-robustness. The proof is based on the equivalence between the considered class of PDEs and neutral-differential equations with distributed delays. This equivalence is obtained using the backstepping approach as an analysis tool. Finally, some extensions for the robust stabilization in presence of delays, but also uncertainties on the parameters and disturbances are proposed.

GIPSA-lab, 11 rue des Mathématiques, Grenoble Campus BP46, F-38402 SAINT MARTIN D'HERES CEDEX - 33 (0)4 76 82 71 31