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Séminaire du département Parole et Cognition du 13/12/2018 à 14h00


Linguistic factors modulate audiovisual speech perception: A developmental perspective

Intervenant : Joan Birules, APAL Research group, University of Barcelona

Lieu : B314 -Département Parole et Cognition - Batiment Ampère, GIPSA-Lab


Résumé : In most natural situations adults look at the eyes of faces in seek of social information (Yarbus, 1967). However, when the auditory information becomes unclear (e.g. speech-in-noise) they switch their attention towards the mouth of a talking face and rely on the audiovisual redundant cues to help them process the speech signal (Barenholtz et al., 2016; Benoît et al., 1994; Buchan et al., 2007; Lansing & McConkie, 2003; Vatikiotis-Bateson et al., 1998). Moreover, infants also resource towards the talker’s mouth during the second half of the first year of life, putatively to help them acquire language by the time they start producing babbling sounds (Lewkowicz and Hansen-Tift., 2012) and also to aid language differentiation in the case of bilingual infants (Pons et al., 2015). The current set of studies attempts to provide a more detailed examination of the AV speech signals contribution to speech processing and language learning, through analysing selective attention patterns to a talking face. We will compare different linguistic factors (i.e. bilingualism) that modulate audiovisual speech perception in first language acquisition during infancy and early childhood, and also in second language acquisition during adulthood.

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