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Séminaire du département Automatique du 14/12/2018 à 14h00


New aerial robots with passive or articulated links for true physical interaction

Intervenant : Marco TOGNON, LAAS, Toulouse, France

Lieu : Room B208, GIPSA-lab


Résumé : Nowadays aerial vehicles are used mainly as remote sensors that perceive the environment avoiding contact because considered as potential crashes. This extremely limits the application of aerial vehicles. In fact, the recent trend is to go beyond free-flying aerial vehicle and conceive new aerial robots that can safely interact with the environment through contact and the exchange of forces. In this talk, I will present new aerial robots that by a wise concept of the aerial vehicle equipped with additional passive (like cables) or articulated links (like robotic arms) can control the force exchanged with the environment performing complex tasks.

GIPSA-lab, 11 rue des Mathématiques, Grenoble Campus BP46, F-38402 SAINT MARTIN D'HERES CEDEX - 33 (0)4 76 82 71 31