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Automatique Images-Signal Parole-cognition Nombre de séminaires : 18
Date Titre Intervenant
02-02-2012Set-theoretic approach to analysis and control for nonlinear hybrid systemsMirko Fiacchini
10-02-2012Using hyperbolic systems of balance laws for modeling, control and stability analysis of physical networksGeorges Bastin
20-03-2012Walking the line: problems and opportunities at the nexus of (bio)physics and control theoryPaolo Paoletti
22-03-2012Stabilization of Event-Based Controlled SystemsNicolas Marchand
05-04-2012Contrôle neuro-moteur adaptatif et organisation du geste. Réaction-adaptation aux perturbations sensori-motrices. Olivier Martin
03-05-2012Les systèmes positifs. Quelques résultats et beaucoup de difficultés.Christian Commault
21-05-2012Consensus, Continuum of Equilibria, and Set-Valued Lyapunov FunctionsRafal Goebel
07-06-2012Session spéciale Doctorants V. Ciarla, R. Lozano, S. Batis, Fergani, Rahmani, Castillo
12-07-2012Game-Theoretic Controller for Conflicts between Two ForcesHiro Mukai
06-09-2012LQ-optimal control of infinite dimensional linear systems with boundary control and observationJ. Dehaye
19-09-2012The Deformed Consensus ProtocolFabio Morbidi
01-10-2012Attack detection and identification in cyber-physical systemsFabio Pasqualetti
03-10-2012Control Systems, Robotics, and the Neurosciences: A New(?) Convergence. Antonio Bicchi
08-11-2012Compensation robuste de retards de transport variables : le cas du contrôle moteur essence Delphine Bresch-Pietri
14-11-2012Robust self-triggered coordination with ternary controllersPaolo Frasca
22-11-2012Safety, Survivability and Sliding ModesChristopher Edwards
06-12-2012Session spéciale doctorantsPisarski, Manecy, Mechhoud, Ngo, Wang, Varrier
19-12-2012Dynamics and Control on Networks with Antagonistic InteractionsClaudio Altafini

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