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Automatique Images-Signal Parole-cognition Nombre de séminaires : 14
Date Titre Intervenant
28-08-2013A formulation and a solution to stability and robustness analysis of nonlinear time delay networksHiroshi Ito
19-12-2013Consensus-based Source-seeking with a Circular Formation of AgentsLara Brinon-Arranz
03-06-2013Exposés scientifiques dans le cadre de la célébration du double prix de thèse de Tudor-Bogdan AirimitoaieI.D. Landau, A. Castellanos-Silva, T.B. Airimitoaie
22-02-2013Feedback Computing : Feedback-based resource management in embedded systems. K.-E. Arzen
19-11-2013Introducing renewable generation into the power grid: What randomized optimization has to offer.John Lygeros
04-04-2013On identifiability and identification of metabolic network models. E. Cinquemani
03-12-2013Optimisation par les moments pour la commande optimale Mathieu Claeys
13-09-2013Positive stabilization of positive LTI systemsJ. Dehaye
22-04-2013Reachability of Hybrid Systems using Support Functions over Continuous Time G. Frehse
07-02-2013Recent advances in the analysis of interconnected nonlinear systems by ISS-related concept. A. Chaillet
07-11-2013Rollout Event-Triggered Control: Beyond Periodic PerformanceDuarte J. Antunes
06-12-2013Session spéciale doctorantsD. Tran, F. Ruggero, A. Castellanos, H. Shiromoto, T. Ying,
06-06-2013Session spéciale doctorants de juin 2013Ahmed, Sandoval-Moreno, Hamaz, Bouchair, Leon, Rubio-scola
10-01-2013Topics on Fast NMPC : The control updating period issue. M. Alamir

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