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Automatique Images-Signal Parole-cognition Nombre de séminaires : 20
Date Titre Intervenant
05-03-2015Pedestrian Navigation Solution with Self-Contained SensorsV. Renaudin
16-04-2015Robust Switching-based Fault Tolerant Control.Liron Allerhand
04-05-2015Stabilization of a Hyperbolic PDE of a Bioreactor With Distributed AgeMiroslav Krstic
01-06-2015Robust Model Predictive Control for Reactive Synthesis with Temporal Logic SpecificationsSamira Farahani
04-06-2015Ensuring the success of biological control of mosquito-borne diseases by bacteria Wolbachia, through almost global stabilizing feedbackPierre-Alexandre Bliman
25-06-2015Master-Slave synchronization with discrete-time controlMartina Maggio
25-06-2015Séminaire doctorantsDoctorants DAUTO 2A
02-07-2015Performance analysis of remote estimation subject to packet loss and quantization noiseSubhrakanti Dey
04-07-2015Control of higher order partial differential equationsEduardo Cerpa
09-07-2015On asymptotic stability: The essence of convergence Mircea Lazar
17-09-2015Boundary control design of linear hyperbolic systemsFlorent Di Meglio
01-10-2015Traffic modelling and control workshopM. Papageorgiou- P.-O. Gutman- P. Grandinetti- C. Canudas
15-10-2015Stability of non-autonomous linear difference equations and applications to hyperbolic PDEsGuilherme Mazanti
22-10-2015A propos du "Minimal Controllability Problem (MCP)"Christian Commault
12-11-2015Observer Design in the Presence of Sporadic Measurements:Francesco Ferrante
19-11-2015A Stochastic Model Predictive Controller for Systems with Unreliable CommunicationsDaniel Quevedo
23-11-2015Distributed estimation from relative and absolute measurementsPaolo Frasca
26-11-2015Semidefinite approximations of projections and polynomial images of semialgebraic setsVictor Magron
03-12-2015Séminaire doctorantsDoctorants DAUTO 2A
08-12-2015Control and path planning for navigation of autonomous vehiclesGilles TAGNE

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