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Automatique Images-Signal Parole-cognition Nombre de séminaires : 26
Date Titre Intervenant
28-01-2016Fusion de données hétérogènes à partir d'un réseau de capteurs abandonnés Benjamin Pannetier et Julien Moras
04-02-2016Méthodes pour l'analyse de la forme du cortex en Imagerie par Résonance MagnétiqueGuillaume AUZIAS
09-02-2016Dynamics of multistable perceptionJean-Michel Hupé
11-02-2016Optimization Problems in Structured Low Rank Approximation Jonathan GILLARD (joint work with Anatoly Zhigljavsky)
03-03-2016Introduction to Probabilistic Programming LanguagesAnton ANDREEV
17-03-2016Sparse and geometry aware matrix factorization: application to mass spectrometry based proteomicsThomas Burger
28-04-2016Multi-modal and Multi-scale Temporal Metric Learning for robust nearest neighbors classificationCao Tri Do
18-05-2016Unraveling crosstalk in the brain sheds new light on its functional organizationDimitri VAN DE VILLE
18-05-2016Super-resolution capacity of imagers using random illuminationsJérôme IDIER
19-05-2016From Natural Watermarking to Natural Steganography: how to use unsolvable problems in statistical signal processing to increase multimedia securityPatrick BAS
03-06-2016Differential Geometry on Positive Definite Matrices: Metrics and Means - Part IRajendra BHATIA
06-06-2016Differential Geometry on Positive Definite Matrices: Metrics and Means - part IIRajendra BHATIA
27-06-2016EEG-based brain-computer interfaces for communication with patients with locked-in syndromeChang-Hwan IM
30-06-2016Matrices de covariance des images couleursEdoardo PROVENZI
07-07-2016Monte Carlo with Determinantal Point ProcessesRémi BARDENET
08-07-2016Tensor diagonalization and a small matrix multiplication.Petr Tichavsky
21-07-2016Smoothed L0 (SL0): A fast algorithm for finding the sparse solution of an underdetermined system of linear equationsMassoud Babaie-Zadeh
28-07-2016Imperfect and Perfect Secrecy in Compound Multiple Access Channel with Confidential MessageBahareh Akhbari
08-09-2016Data Fusion: Benefits of Fully Exploiting DiversityTulay Adali
17-10-2016Geometric algorithms, analysis under probabilistic hypothesesOlivier Devillers
17-10-2016Peeling potatoes near-optimally in near-linear timeSergio Cabello
24-11-2016Multicomponent observables: laboratory scale measurements and full waveform polarization inversion.Raphaël VALENSI
01-12-2016Atmospherically-modulated oceanic chaos: analysis of a pioneering ensemble simulation.Thierry PENDUFF
02-12-2016Saliency-based color accessibility: opening the 'Umwelt'Satohiro Tajima
07-12-2016Kernel-based Image Reconstruction from Scattered Radon DataStefano DE MARCHI
14-12-2016Mapping the mind on the brain: Past results and present research of the ‘Laboratorio de Neurodinamica B&A' E. Rodriguez

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