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soutenance HDR

Emmanuel Witrant soutiendra son HDR le 4 mai 2015


Emmanuel WITRANT, Maître de Conférences UJF, à Gipsa-Lab (Equipe SLR),

soutiendra son Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) le 4 mai à 16 h 00

à la Maison Jean Kuntzmann.

Titre de son habilitation: “Modeling and Control of Inhomogeneous”


My objective is to propose new modeling, estimation and control methods for transport phenomena in inhomogeneous media with complex interconnections.
Analyzing such phenomena implies to consider dynamic transport models described by partial differential equations (PDE) with transport coefficients that vary in space and time, and/or time-varying boundary conditions (inducing nonhomogeneous
solutions of the PDEs). Such variations depend on feedback effects and imply a coupling with other systems, which can be described by ordinary differential equations, discrete equations (e.g. hybrid systems), functional differential equations (time-delay systems), partial differential equations, or nonlinearities that can be described as linear parameter-varying systems.

The estimation and control methods developed in my research are used, for example, to control the magnetic flux in tokamak plasmas, to infer trace gases (e.g. ozone-depleting substances) history from ice core measurements, or to estimate/regulate transport in engineering applications (e.g. exhaust gas recirculation in car engines, mining ventilation control, intelligent building's ventilation, ...).

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