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8th Christian Benoît Award


The Winner of the "8th Christian Benoît Award" is Mathilde Fort from the Center for Brain and Cognition of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain). This prize was awarded for the research project entitled " InfEyMo : Infant learning from the Eyes and the Mouth of a talking face".

In this project, Mathilde will explore the impact of early bilingualism on the way infants explore and react to talking faces. She will conduct several eye-tracking studies on audiovisual perception of speech and non-speech facial movements with infants growing up in monolingual vs. bilingual environments.

On behalf of the Association Christian Benoît and of the scientific committee, we would like to congratulate Mathilde and to thank all the applicants for their works. Many of the applications are of very high quality. We hope that their authors will find other financial supports to achieve their research projects.
The Award will be officially delivered at the Interspeech 2015 Conference in Dresden (Germany)

The Christian Benoit Association was founded on 26 April 1999, in memory of Christian Benoît, a researcher in the field of speech communication. Before his death in April 1998, Christian Benoît had carried out most of his research on speech synthesis and audiovisual speech processing at the ICP in Grenoble. The purpose of the Association is to support projects that help to promote and develop research in the field of speech communication, essentially through the Christian Benoît Prize.
This prize, valued at 7622 Euros, is periodically awarded to young researchers in the field of spoken communication. Its purpose is to provide financial support for the development of multimedia projects, such as web sites or CD-ROMs, that are designed to promote the work of these young researchers.

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