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Call for Papers Special Issue Asian Journal of Control on Recent Advances on Data Fusion, Estimation in Navigation and Control


The main goal of this Special Issue is to summarize the theoretical and experimental results on Data Fusion, Estimation in Navigation and Control and present different applications. We invite original articles that address state-of-the-art and new developments in the research on indoor and outdoor navigation and control strategies.

Navigation is a field of research that focuses on the process of determination/estimation of a vehicle’s position and velocity, as well as its attitude. It includes strategies for land, marine, aeronautic, and space navigation. Navigation is often associated with feedback control, which is a branch of engineering dealing with the design of systems to control the movement of body. Control refers to the manipulation of actuators, to execute guidance commands and maintain stability of the vehicle. Recent advancements are achieved in this field and concern the determination and (or) control of the states of the vehicle (position, direction, attitude, altitude, velocity, etc.). Some sub-problems are also considered and are related to actuators and sensors (saturation, bias, calibration, etc.). New advances in automatic control and sensors networks, related especially to estimation (linear and non-linear observers, Kalman filter (cubature, invariant, unscented, etc.), complementary filter) and control (adaptive control, sliding mode control, optimal control, etc.) lead to remarkable progress on guidance, navigation, and control strategies, for instance.

The principal topics planned to be covered are as follows, but are not limited to:
- Dynamics modelling of body motions.
- New advances on state estimation via observers, Kalman filters, complementary filters, etc. for navigation.
- Novel control/optimization strategies of body motionsvia adaptive, sliding mode, optimal, distributed control, etc.
- Sensors networks and graphs for navigation and control.
- Data fusion from GNSS, INS, magenetometer, UWB/Wi-Fi, visual odometry, etc.
- Engineering system-based navigation and control.
- Location-based service navigation applications.
- Quality control theory for navigation systems.
- Applications on aerospace, aerial vehicles, marine vehicles, pedestrian, terrestrial vehicles navigation, etc.

Guest Editors:
- Hassen Fourati, GIPSA-lab, France
- Amit Sanyal, Syracuse University, USA
- Pedro Batista, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
- Zebo Zhou, University of Electronic Science Technology of China, P.R. China
- Nuno Filipe, California Institute of Technology, USA

Deadline for Submissions : March, 30, 2018

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