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FLUISP - Fluid-Structure Interactions in Speech and its Pathologies

Project Coordinator : AM2V Valparaiso Chili
Project Manager at GIPSA-lab : Pascal PERRIER

Project realized thanks to the support of : Ministère (CONICYT Chili)

Start date : 2012/01/01

Duration : 36 mounths

The human oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal complex is a particularly challenging region to model and is critical to a wide range of important functions including chewing, swallowing, breathing, and speaking. It is composed of rigid structures including the cranium, jaw, and hyoid bone, highly deformable muscle activated tissues such as the tongue, soft palate, and pharynx, and additional deformable structures such as the larynx. A desire to better understand structure-function relationships, motor control strategies and pathological dysfunctions in the upper airway has led a number of scientists to develop biomechanical models of individual structures in the human oral, pharyngeal and laryngeal complex. This project is in line with these methodological approaches and expands them. It deals with numerical models of fluid-structure interaction (FSI) phenomena within the upper airway for normal and pathological speech production and for respiratory disorders of the upper airways such as severe snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome.

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