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LPV4FTC - A Linear Parameter Varying approach for Fault Tolerant Control design

Project Coordinator : Olivier SENAME

Project realized thanks to the support of : LABEX PERSYVAL

Start date : 2016/01/01

Duration : 24 mounths

Web site :

The exploratory Persyval project LPV4FTC 2016-2017 aims at supporting the start of the collaboration with CRAN and MTA SZTAKI on a key topic in the Diagnosis and Control communities, where very few studies and results have been obtained. 

Control of Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) systems has attracted more and more attention in the last decade since they have shown to be a very interesting extension of the robust control theory to control nonlinear systems. Indeed the LPV approach is today known to be well-suited to handle system non linearities by modelling them as varying parameters, or to make the controller performances varying through the linear introduction of specific parameters (gain-scheduling).

Moreover, active Fault Tolerant Control (FTC) systems are today crucial for real applications to keep the system operational when component malfunctions and/or failures appear. However the main issue is to integrate efficiently a fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) procedure with a reconfigurable controller.

The project’s objective is to propose a Linear Parameter Varying approach to develop an integrated Fault Detection and Diagnosis/Fault Tolerant Control scheme for dynamical systems.

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