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Vision and Brain Signal Processing
Team manager : Sophie ACHARDBertrand RIVET

Research Areas

ViBS have a considerable expertise in statistical signal processing of multidimensional signals. In particular, spatial filtering based on source separation including priors based on physiological knowledge of the brain activity under study.


We are particularly concerned with joint analysis of multiple modalities, such as EEG and gaze, or EEG and MRI, or EEG from multiple subjects. It is of interest to isolate common (synchronized) activities from modality-specific activities, since both convey complementary information about the physical phenomenae that are observed.


All these methods can be applied to a vast class of applications such as brain-computer interfaces, detection of epilepsy, or removal of ocular artifacts from EEG during natural scene exploration.


Such methods are also applied on other signals encompassing multi modalities, reaching far beyond the principal research applications of ViBS:


  •  Analysis of electrocardiogram (ECG) and phonocardiogram to extract fetal ECG from abdominal recordings contaminated by maternal ECG,

  • Audio-visual analysis to extract a specific speaker,

  • Hyperspectral image analysis


These works are developed in collaboration with SigmaPhy (GIPSA research team) and our foreign research colleagues.


Keywords: multi-modality, multivariate statistical signal processing, blind source separation.

Applications: Modeling of EEG, ECG, MEG, fMRI imaging, multimodal modeling, joint EEG&Gaze modeling, and audiovisual scene analysis.

Research projects: ANR Gaze&EEG, ANR OpenVibe2, ANR RoBIK, ERC CHESS

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Involved Team Members: Marco Congedo, Christian Jutten, Anne Guérin-Dugué, Ronald Phlypo, Bertrand Rivet



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