Vision and Brain Signal Processing
Team manager : Sophie ACHARDBertrand RIVET

Research Areas

Brain Computer Interface

This research axis (Brain Computer Interface, BCI) has been developed within the ViBS team since 2005, both in its theoretical and applicative aspects. BCIs have been developed based on motor imagery and P300 event-related potentials (ERP). The focus of the team is on digital signal processing techniques combining the feature extraction and classification stage of mental states.

The team has been partner of ANR project  « OpenVibe » (2005-2009), aiming at the conception and development of an open-source real-time software platform for acquisition, treatment and visualization of EEG signals.


The ViBS team has also developed an open-source experimental P300-based BCI platform inspired by the famous video game « Space Invaders » (1978). The resulting BCI is the « Brain Invaders ». It implements several improvements of the stimulation protocol, including a random group item flashing and random inter-stimulus interval.

Finally, thanks to several national and international collaborations, the team ViBS has participated to several studies in clinical electrophysiology and neurofeedback.

Research Projects : ANR Gaze&EEG, ANR OpenVibe2, ANR RoBIK

Involved Team Members : Christian Jutten, Bertrand Rivet, Marco Congedo




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