Vision and Brain Signal Processing
Team manager : Sophie ACHARDBertrand RIVET

Research Areas

Visual perception and neural mechanism for Vision

Since several years, a strong background has been developed in the team, concerning functional modelling of the first stages of vision (retina, visual cortex). According to this approach, models of scenes categorization, and visual saliency has been developing.  Concerning visual saliency, more complex and realistic situation are studied in order to integrate the multimodality (vision and audition), and also the stereoscopic vision.  These models for healthy subjects can be degraded in order to take into account specific performance for pathological vision. Presently models of visual perception for patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) are under studied.

Example of visual acuity in case of AMD

Model of the retina output for this pathological visual field


Moreover, the team develops experimental protocols with joint EEG and oculometry acquisition. Latent neural mechanisms for visual information processing are studied thanks to this new technic.

Research project  : ANR Gaze&EEG, ANR LowVIS, FUI Minalogic Moov3D

Involved Team Members : Nathalie Guyader, Anne Guérin-Dugué





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