Systèmes linéaires et Robustesse
Team manager : Olivier SENAME    Luc DUGARD

Research Areas

LPV systems have attracted more and more attention in the last decade since they have shown to be a very interesting extension of the robust control theory to control non linear systems. The LPV approach is then today known to be well-suited to handle system non linearities by considering them as varying parameters and to make the controller performances varying through the linear introduction of parameters (gain-scheduling).

The main activities carried out in this field concern:

Modelling of non linear systems using LPV

The reduction of nonlinear systems under an LPV form allows one to take into account nonlinear characteristics of the system or variations of its operating conditions.

Some studies have concerned:

  • Account for various operating conditions using a variable "equilibrium point"
  • Representation of non linear systems (input saturation, hysteresis...)

  • modeling and inversionf of LPV dynamical systems


Control of LPV systems.

This field of research has direct applications in various industrial areas such as automotive and energy.

This last problem is particularly challenging due to its infinite dimension, related to the stablity analysis for the whole parameter range. Our recent works investigate several approaches allowing to reduce this problem to a finite-dimensional one, as polytopic approaches or Linear Fractional Representation (LFR).

 Among the main research works, let us mention:

  • LPV for performance adaptation
    • Control with real-time performance adaptation using parameter dependent weighting functions from endogenous or exogenous parameters
    • Analysis and control of LPV Time-Delay Systems
    • Control under computation constraints: Hinf variable sampling rate controller with sampling dependent performance
  • Coordination of several actuators for MIMO systems:
    • defintion of an LPV structure for control allocation
    • Selection of a specific parameter for the control activation

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