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The whole of the videos proposed were carried out within the Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble, France


Videos of experimental results

- Eric R.Westervelt, Jessy Grizzle, Ben Morris and Christine Chevallereau experiments : September, 2004
- Ch. Sabourin (Laboratoire Vision et Robotique, Bourges, France) experiments : April, 2004
- J. Grizzle and E.R. Westervelt (Ohio State University) experiments : March, 2003
  - First steps : July 2002

Videos of reports and interviews


  - Rabbit on French TV M6 - June 17, 2005 (in french): WMV9 (3,9 Mo) New

- Reuters - June 5, 2005 : RV9 (2,8 Mo) New


  - Discovery Channel Canada TV - May 17, 2005 : WMV9 (Streaming MMS)
  - Rabbit on French Channel 3-Grenoble March 14, 2003 (subtitle): WMV9 (Large size - 13.3 Mo) or WMV9 (small size - 1.3 Mo)
Vidéo France3 14 mars 2003 


Info Some Windows Media Video (WMV7, WMV9 or WMV/MPEG-4 codec) files require Windows corresponding codecs : it is necessary to keep the player update codecs, download the Microsoft codec pack or the last version of Windows Media Player.
In case of difficulty to play videos inside your browser (with plug-ins), you have to download the files before visualization (right button of the mouse, and "Save as...").
The RealVideo (RV9) video files require corresponding codec or the last version of RealOne Player, from RealNetworks. Versions for Windows, Mac or Linux/Unix.

++ Another solution : download the very good Media Player Classic (only 1.3 Mo), which is able to read everything (RealVideo too). It will indicate, if necessary, the missing codec and the link to download it directly.




Last update: June 21, 2005
Contact : - Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble - ENSIEG - BP46 38402 ST MARTIN D'HERES, FRANCE