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    CONNECT is a project funded by the ANR (National Research agency). The project deals with the problem of controlling multi-agent systems, i.e. systems composed of several sub-systems interconnected between them by an heterogeneous wireless communication network. In particular the project target the control of a cluster of agents composed of autonomous underwater vehicles and marine surface vessels.

     The main challenge here is to learn how to design collaborative controllers accounting for marine communication constraint, but also on the possibility to share computational resources during the system operation. Questions on control architecture in terms of the level of control distribution and control coordination are addressed as well. A generic and open simulation tool able to integrate the various kinds of component's models found in such a networked multi-agents system will be developed and used to assess the related theoretical studies.



Potential missions that can be effectuated by this control approach include:

  • Undersea mapping and monitoring via fleets of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)
  • Relocate an aircraft’s black box after crashing into the sea
  • Detection of industrial or military garbage or mines.
  • Source detection by gradient search (fresh water, chemical source, methane vent,…).

Funds : ANR (Agence Nationale de la Recherche) ,PSIRob program

Project number : PSIROB06-174215 , Start date: 05/2007 , Duration: 36 months

Contact: carlos.canudas-de-wit(at)  [homepage]