Characterization of defects on electrically
driven mechanical systems



The gotix project aims to characterize  the defects on electrically driven mechanical systems.

This project gather three differents scientific fields: signal processing, mechanics and electrotechnics.

The problem is studied with three different analyses:

  • mechanical structures modelling
  • engine electrical modelling
  • experimental Signal 


The experimental support for this project is a test bench named GOTIX. Its main part is a gear train driven by an asynchronous machine. More descriptions are available on the experimental bench page.





 The GOTIX project is housed in the GIPSA laboratory in Grenoble, FRANCE.  

The main persons involved in this project are:

MARTIN Nadine, GRANJON Pierre, SERVIERE Christine, VIEIRA Michelle from the SAIGA research team.

FAURE-VINCENT Denis and LAVAL Xavier from the technical team.

If you are interested in this project,  you may contact:

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