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Motivation and objectives

Naturally occurring flows, such as human upper airways, are highly influenced by complex geometries with varying wall properties. Consequently, mathematical or physical studies require severe simplifications of the real life geometry in order to capture the underlying principles as well as to perform in-depth repeatable studies with a limited number of parameters. Despite the simplicity of the geometry, vortex generation due to shear layer roll up occurs both for confined jet flow, such as immediately downstream from the obstacle, and for free jet flow, such as downstream from the exit. From reported studies several scientific objectives can be formulated:

In the current proposal an in depth characterisation and modelling of airflow is aimed for the onset of flow instabilities, vortex roll up and coherent structures of:
• free jet
• jet-obstacle interaction
as function of Reynolds number, emitting geometry, flow disturbance and boundary conditions with particular attention to the transition regime.

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