Director of research at the CNRS

GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, France

Education & Training

Grenoble Summer schools


Ph.D. Supervision

I have suppervised several Ph. D. students (see list below), Post-docs, and Master’s degree students. More than half of the Ph.Ds have joined academic circles (i.e. France, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, France), among which 4 are now associated professors at the University of Grenoble (N. Fixot’94, H. Khennouf’96, E. Wiltrant’06, J-J. Ramirez’07), Others have obtained  positions in the various industrial fileds, i.e.  Renault (X. Clayes’94, P. Dolcini’96), Altran (V. Chiarla’13), IFPER (L. De Leon’14), McLaren Racing F1 (R. Ceccarelli’12) and created startups (D. Jacquet’97, Karrus-ITS).


Ph.D. Students.

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