Director of research at the CNRS

GIPSA-Lab, Grenoble, France

Lectures & Seminars

Lectures (distinguished lecture program IEEE-CSS)

  • Modeling, Forecasting and control of Traffic Systems (Lecture1). Distinguished lecturer program* of the IEEE Control System Society 2013-15 (see abstract).
  • Fun-to-Drive by Feedback (Lecture 2). Distinguished lecturer program* of the IEEE Control System Society 2013-15 (see abstract).


*The IEEE-CSS society will provide 80% of the expenses for qualified users of the program ( see Procedures )



  • HYCON2 Show day - Traffic Modeling, Estimation and Control. This show-day did present methods and results for the traffic show-case application, which corresponds to the operation of the freeway network around the Grenoble area. May, 2014. Grenoble, France. (See details)
  • Systèmes de Transports Intelligents: Algorithmes et technologies. Open industrial seminars In'Tech. Nov. 2012, INRIA, Grenoble, France. (See details)


    Seminars & Workshops

    • Nash Game Based Distributed Control Design for Balancing of Traffic Density over Freeway Networks. Transportation seminar series of the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS) and the Transportation Program of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of California, Berkeley, Oct. 2015
    • Distributed Optimal Traffic Control. IPAN-Workshop, New Directions in Mathematical Approaches for Traffic Flow Management. Workshop III-Traffic Control. Oct. 2015
    • Distributed Games in Traffic Ramp Metering. Symposium on the COntrol of NEtwork Systems (SCONES). Oct., 2014, Boston, USA.
    • Controllability-based optimal games in highway control. Opening of the Ph.D. program from the "Doctorado de Ingeniería Automática, Electrónica y Telecomunicaciones" from Seville University, Oct. 2012, Spain.
    • Optimal Games in Traffic Systems. University of Lucca. Italy, May, 2014. Hosted by Prof. A. Bempora.
    • CPS Challengers in Intelligent Transportation Systems. Working group on SoS in transportation and logistics. Towards a European Roadmap on Research and Innovation in Engineering and Management of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSoS). Düsseldorf, Jan., 2014. Hosted by Prof. Sebastian Engell.
    • Forecasting and control of traffic systems : a network perspective, Institute for systems Theory and Automatic Control. University of Stuttgart, Germany. Nov, 2013. Hosted by Prof. Frank Allgöwer.
    • Traffic control: a network perspective. International Workshop on "Smart City: Control and Automation Perspective”, August, 2013, Hangzhou, China. Sponsored by the IEEE-CSS outreach activities. (see IEEE-CSM report)
    • Highway Traffic Models, Estimation, and Control. Summer School HYCON2 on Complex Systems. Trento (IT), June 2011. (see program and slides)
    • Research opportunities in Road traffic networks. Concertation meeting organized by EU-FP7 ICT-CORDIS, Brussels, 2011
    • Challengers and opportunities in Intelligent Transportation Traffic networks Systems. International Workshop on the Impact of Control: Past, Present, and Future, at Berchtesgaden, Germany in Oct. 2009. (see Impact of Control Technology Report--2rd Edition )
    • Fun-to-drive by feedback. Semi-plenary, IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Dec. 2005, Seville, Spain. (see more)


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