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Curriculum Vitae
Emmanuel Witrant obtained a B.Sc. in Aerospace Eng. from Georgia Tech in 2001 and a Ph.D. in Automatic Control from Grenoble University in 2005. He joined the Physics department of Univ. Grenoble Alpes and GIPSA-lab as an Associate Professor in 2007 and became Professor in 2020. His research interest is focused on finding new methods for modeling and control of inhomogeneous transport phenomena (of information, energy, gases...), with real-time and/or optimization constraints. Such methods provide new results for automatic control (time-delay and distributed systems), controlled thermonuclear fusion (temperature/magnetic flux profiles in tokamak plasma), environmental sciences (atmospheric history of trace gas from ice cores measurements) and Poiseuille's flows (ventilation control in mines, car engines and intelligent buildings).
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Departement : Automatique

Team : SLR

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