Talking Heads by cloning

During my post-doctoral research position in the Synthesis group at ICP, I have been working on the creation, representation and coding of animated, textured 3D face clones, also known as "Talking Heads". We also worked on Cued Speech, where an hand can help hear-impaired people.


Insights by videos

Using Clones for telecommunications

I was involved in the now finished Tempo Valse RNRT research project, which is a special case of audiovisual communication, involving only front-view images, a la visiophone. Very good intelligibility with very low bandwidth are concilied by transmitting only the articulatory parameters (in what we call a labiophone). That way, the synthetic videos express better quality and transmit faster than the big .avi files on this page...
Details can be browsed (in french, but with lot of pictures and some videos), about these points :

See also...

The ARTUS RNRT project (in french) is much related to the present page, adding modeling, cloning and synthesis of the face+hand speech activity for head-impaired or death people.
You may also browse my main page about other projects and results involving talking heads.

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