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Note: If no licence is specified, all these codes are freely available but without any warranty.

Here are some codes/softwares related to digital or computational geometry.

Digital surface decomposition into digital planes

Simplification of a digital curve

Fast computation of the characteristics of a Digital Straight Line Subsegment

Union of Digital Straight Segments

  • Implementation of the algorithm presented in "Algorithms for Fast Digital Straight Segments Union". Isabelle Sivignon, International Conference on Discrete Geometry for Computer Imagery 2014, Springer LNCS 344-357. It computes the minimal characteristics of the digital straight line containing two given digital straight segments. The code is part of the DGtal library, as a method of the class ArithmeticalDSS.

Fraction of smallest denominator in between two irreducible fractions

(δ-ε)-ball approximation of a shape

Other material concerning digital geometry is available on the IAPR-TC18 webpage.

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