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Teaching activities

My teaching activities are performed at GRENOBLE-INP, ENSE3 (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Energie, l'Eau et l'Environnement). Today, I am responsible of the Automatic Control and Intelligent System program at ENSE3 and I am also responsible of GIPSA-lab/ENSE3 Platforms for Student Practical Exercises (Since 2017).

  • ENSE3 (Energy, Water and Environmental Engineering School)
  • More than 192 hours per year of engineering courses related to :

    Modeling and control of mechatronic systems
    Mechatronics Project
    State space representation
    State feedback Control and Observation (See a gyroscope system control (VIDEO))
    Linear optimal control systems
    Introduction to Robust Control
    System Identification

    Courses in Embedded control for cyber-physical systems are performed at ENSIMAG and GI (GRENOBLE-INP). In addition, I was a former responsible of Industrial and International Relationships for the Automatic Control Program at ENSE3 (2008-2012), and responsible of the Automatic Control Platform AIDA at ENSE3 (2012-2016).

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    Educative Publications

    [1] Martinez J. et Khennouf H. "Approche d'état pour la commande optimale d'un système gyroscopique". In Proceedings CETSIS 2011 - 9e Colloque sur l'Enseignement des Technologies et des Sciences de l'Information et des Systèmes, Canada 2011.

    [2] Erhart S., Doumiati M., Sename O., Martinez J. J., Dugard L. "Estimation du profil de la chaussée pour la dynamique du véhicule". Dans Actes des 4èmes Journées Doctorales / Journées Nationales MACS, JD-JN-MACS 2011, France 2011.

    [3] Martinez J. et Buche G. "Response Fréquentielle des Systèmes Continus". Techniques de l'Ingénieur 2010.

    More recent educative realizations (GIPSA-lab, ENSE3 Grenoble-INP)

    Participation to the conception, dimensioning and implementation of a small wind turbine for optimal control courses. This educational platform has been designed to demonstrate in a simple and experimental way the operation of a two-blade wind turbine. The wind turbine can be controlled by using variable-speed and variable-pitch techniques. In collaboration with Jonathan Dumon (Engineer CNRS at GIPSA-lab). Three units are available at the Engineering School ENSE3. See pictures below.

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