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Welcome to my professional webpage !

Who am I ?

I am a researcher of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), in its Institute of Human and Social Sciences (INSHS - CNRS).

My scientific research explores human voice through a multidisciplinary approach : experimental and clinical phonetics, vocology, physiology of human vocal instrument, laryngeal and vocal-fold biomechanics, physics of fluid-structure-acoustic interactions within the vocal tract, speech and singing signal processing, voice analysis and synthesis, voice and respiration, ethnomusicology.
They revolve around several themes:

  1. development of tools and technologies for physical measurement, analysis and speech synthesis;
  2. observation and description of vocal behavior in speech and singing;
  3. modelling of human vocal production (from a physical and signal point of view);
  4. singing-voice use for langage learning, well-being, rehabilitation and vocal health.
Concerning singing voice, I've been interested in classical singing, in styles in contemporary commercial music, in vocal styles and techniques from around the world (Bulgarian women's singing, traditional Sardinian polyphonic singing, Mongolian Hoomii, Iranian Tahrir, yodel), and in Human Beatboxing.

Researcher in Voice Sciences ?

Cliquez ici pour la vidéoWhat is a researcher in Voice Sciences ? What do we study ? I prepared a video for the ceremony of CNRS Bronze Medal in October 2013. This video  will give you an overview of my research interests (in French). 

News on Voice Sciences in France

Scientific pole : Science des données

Team :  MOVE (Analysis and Modelling of Human in Movement : Biomechanics, Cognition, Vocology)

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