Professor, Grenoble Institute of Technology
I am presently teaching at  ENSE3, PHELMA, ENSIMaG. Document related to the courses below are available on Chamilo-INP

  • CE8, ENSE3-1A : Introduction to signal processing methods.
  • ENSE3 ASI2A, PHELMA 2A-Sicom : Digital signal processing.
  • ENSE3 ASI-2A, ENSIMAG 1A : Information theory principles.
  • ENSE3 ASI3A, DIgital communications (2010-13)
  • M2R SIPT : Stochastic signal processing (2009-2013)
  • Sicom 2A, PHELMA, Data analysis
  • ENSE3 ASI-2A, Specral Analysis
  • Sicom 3A, PHELMA / M2 SIGMA, Estimation and detection theory (download hand written notes)
  • Sicom 3A, PHELMA / M2 SIGMA,Signal representations and models, Non stationary signal representations
  • Sicom 3A, PHELMA, Signal modeling and non linear optimal filtering
  • Sicom 2A, PHELMA, Analog electronics
  • ENSE3-1A-ASI : Introduction à la représentation des signaux numériques (download)

Teaching at  ENS de Lyon also included physical and geometrical optics and semi conductor device physics.
Some Archives (Physics, Signal Processing ,  ENS de LYON (89-2000), university of Nice (2000-08), most are in french )

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