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Download image processing tools / applications:


  • Sensarea: authoring tool for video object editing and ground truth video annotation Sensarea Sensarea Sensarea Sensarea
  • WAIPS: watershed and irregular pyramid image segmentation WAIPS
  • WAIPS (Linux GIMP pluggin) : watershed and irregular pyramid image segmentation WAIPS pluggin
  • EDDEC: edge detection with Sobel and Canny EDDEC
  • Live Block Matching: demo that shows students how block matching works between 2 images Live Block Matching 
  • Water Cut : interactive graph cut segmentation using watershed Water Cut 


  • PSNR: compute the PSNR between 2 images PSNR
  • deTizzyer: transcode your videos with this FFMPEG frontend
  • GLAP: Gaussian and Laplacian pyramids deTizzyer
  • MY PLAYER: A nice YUV video player My Player
  • YUV2Any: Convert a video YUV 4:2:0 file into n image files (bmp / gif / jpg / png / tif / xpm) Yuv2Any

  • BertImage.cpp:  A sample source code that shows how to load, display, process and save an image with wxWidgets (Tested both on Linux and Windows, updated january 2014)

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