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  • Blind techniques: equalization, identification, source separation (past)
  • Digital communications, interception, surveillance (past)
  • Tensor decompositions
  • Data sciences, Data mining
  • High-order statistics
  • Biomedical
  • Environment

The Research world publishes too much

  • More publications also means more reviews to perform, or poorer quality papers.
  • Why not fix a limit of 2 journal papers per researcher per year? It would be largely sufficient. The quality is more important than quantity. Becaue of quantity-based evaluation criteria, we are all obliged to undergo this absurd curse of accumulation.
  • More conferences means more energy wasting.
  • The 10 reasons of Donald Geman to abolish conference papers.
  • Greeen benefits of video conferencing.

Source codes

  • Computer (mainly Matlab) codes for tensor decomposition can be found at the Tensor Package page.

European calls

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