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I was born in 1972 in Colmar, France. I received the Electrical Engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs Electriciens de Grenoble (ENSIEG; electrical engineering school), Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG),  France, in 1995. I received the DEA degree and the Doctor degree in signal processing in 1995 and in 1999 respectively, both from the INPG. Since June 2012, I am HDR (habilité à diriger des recherches, i.e. habilitation to advise researchers) from the Grenoble INP.

Since October 2001, I am permanent researcher (currently Directeur de recherche, since 2017) with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and I am working in the Grenoble institute of Images sPeech Signal and Automatic Laboratory (GIPSA-Lab, CNRS-UMR 5216), in the Department of Images and Signals (DIS), and the Communication and Information in Complex Systems team (CICS), Grenoble, France. I am currently (since january 2015) at the head of the CICS team.

In 2001, I spent several months (march-october) at the Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland in the Lausanne Heart team.
From october 2012 to november 2013, I was at the Instituto de Física de La Plata, CONICET y Universidad Nacional de La Plata, La Plata, Provincia de Buenos-Aires, Argentina, thanks to a local grant from the Région Rhône-Alpes (AGIR).

Currently Senior Area Editor (SAE) for IEEE Signal Processing Letters (since June 2019); former Associate Editor (AE) for IEEE Signal Processing Letters (June 2015 - June 2019)

My research interests include stochastic resonance in a wide sense (theory, application in signal processing, multistable perception...), informationbal tools with applications (e.g., entropic inequalities, entropic uncertainty relations, quantum coding, generalized MaxEnt problems...), signal processing for special distributions (e.g., elliptically invariant random vectors, alpha-stable distributions) , order statistics and biomedical signal processing (organization measure for spatiotemporal signal such as entropy or complexity), Magnetic Anomaly Detection, Geometric approaches for communication purposes (intereferrence modeling, k-covering problems...), statistical learning in large dimension and information theory...

I took part in the ANR projects "Neurofet", and "GAZE-EEG", in a cooperation project between the CNRS and the CONICET (Argentina) on information theory and quantum physics

I took & take part in contracts between the french army delegation (DGA, DCNS) and the G2eLab, with the company OrangeLabs and with the compagny Thalès.

I took part to a young research project of the GDR ISIS (working group) of the CNRS: "Analyse non-stationnaire et non-linéaire de signaux électriques cardiaques"

I regularly serve as a referee to various journal (Signal Processing, IEEE trans. on signal Processing, Applied Signal Processing, IEEE trans. on Biomedical Engineering, Fluctuation and Noise Letters, Traitement du Signal...)

I took part in the organizing comitee of the summer school Physics-signal-Physics: "On the link between nonlinear physics and information sciences, "physics-signal-physics".

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Some colleagues/collaborators:

- Pierre-Olivier Amblard (GIPSA-Lab, university of Grenoble)
- Olivier Michel (GIPSA-Lab, University of Grenoble)
- Hachème Ayasso (GIPSA-Lab, University of Grenoble)
- Jean-Marc Brossier (GIPSA-Lab, University of Grenoble)
- Christine Servière (GIPSA-Lab, university of Grenoble)
- Ronald Phlypo (GIPSA-Lab, university of Grenoble)
- Anne Guerin-Dugué (GIPSA-Lab, university of Grenoble)
- Christophe Vignat (LSS, supélec & University of Orsay)
- Jean-François Bercher (université Paris-Est / ESIEE)

- Mariela Portesi (Instituto de Física La Plata, Argentina)

- Martín Bosyk (Instituto de Física La Plata, Argentina)

- Federico Holik (Instituto de Física La Plata, Argentina)

- Pedro Walter Lamberti (universidad de Córdoba, Argentina)

- Fabricio Toscano (universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
- Pablo Sanchez-Moreno (Universidad de Granada, España)
- Jesus S. Dehesa (Universidad de Granada, España)

- Irene
Valero-Toranzo (Universidad de Granada, España)
- David Puertas-Centeno
(Universidad de Granada, España)

- Laure-Line Rouve (G2eLab
, university of Grenoble)
- Gilles Cauffet (G2eLab
, university of Grenoble)
- Jean-Louis Coulomb (G2eLab
, university of Grenoble)
- Hugues Henocq (GESMA)

- François Chapeau-Blondeau (LISA, University of Angers)
- David Rousseau (LISA, University of Angers)
- Adi Bulsara (SPAWAR Center System, San Diego, CA, USA)
- Max-Olivier Hongler (LPM, EPF Lausanne)
- Yuri Lopes de Meneses (ex. LPM, EPF Lausanne)
- Jean-Marc Vesin (LTS, EPF Lausanne)
-  Patrick Flandrin (ENS Lyon)
- Philippe Ravier (LESI, University of Orléans)
- Olivier Buttelli (LPM, University of Orléans)
- David Alleysson (LPNC, University Pierre Mendes France of Grenoble)
- Alan Chauvin (LPNC, University Pierre Mendes France of Grenoble)
- Halim Hicheur (LPNC, University Pierre Mendes France of Grenoble)

Some web pages of signal processing labs:

- GIPSA-lab,Grenoble
- Institut Gapsard Monge, "Signal and Communication" Team
- ENS-Lyon, Lab. of Physics, signal processing team  (signals, systems and physics) 
- LISA, University of Angers
- SPAWAR System Center (San Diego, California, USA)
- LTS (Signal Processing Lab. of the EPFL)
- Lausanne Heart Group
- LESI, University of Orléans


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