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Somatosensory function in speech perception and language acquisition

Speech production is substantially dependent on both auditory and somatosensory information. The two occur in combination from the earliest vocalizations produced by an infant and both are involved in speech motor learning. It is hence important to know how the somatosensory system functions in speech processing as well as the auditory system. The major themes of my research focused on the following topics: (1) behavioral and neural correlates to somatosensory function in speech perception, and (2) somatosensory-based speech motor learning probed by studying second language acquisition. A novel orofacial skin stretch perturbation paradigm has been used in a series of studies to probe the orofacial somatosensory system while excluding involvement of the motor system. As a consequence of this work I hope to contribute to improved understanding of speech perceptual processing and motor learning, particularly as they affect language acquisition.

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