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Affiliation: Haskins Laboratories (2005-), Gipsa-lab (2014-)

My research focuses on the sensorimotor function of a speech articulatory system and speech perception processing. The specific goal of my research program is to understand how the somatosensory information arising from orofacial cutaneous mechanoreceptors is utilized in the sensorimotor processing of speech system concerning production, perception and learning.

I have developed perturbation system of orofacial cutaneous sensation for psychophysical experiment and for functional magnet resonant imaging. In order to know mechanism of sensorimotor process, I conduct perturbation strategy that is to perturb speech production and perception by using external force.

The performance is evaluated in the measurement of articulatory motion using optical motion capture device or electromagnetic articulograph, of speech perception performance or of brain activities using electroencephalograph and functional magnet resonant imaging. This strategy is broadly applied in the studies with speech disorders, such as person who stutters and autism spectrum disorders, and in the study of second language acquisition as well as the studies with normal speakers.

Affiliation: Speech Group (1999.5-2003.3), Sensory and Motor Research Group (2003.4-2005.10), Human Information Science Laboratory, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

My research had been involved in a study of jaw-lip coordinative mechanism jaw perturbation system. In this research project, I proposed the hypothesis of stiffness regulation mechanism in lip-jaw coordination system, and demonstrated the hypothesis by psychophysical test and model simulation. I had taken approaches to measure articulatory motion and electromyography of facial muscles. Transcranial magnetic stimulation has been used to demonstrate that transcortical reflex is involved in quick articulatory adjustment.

1994 – 1999
Affiliation: Robotics and Vibration Control Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University

My research had been involved in modeling and design of control system for a flexible structure. In this research project, I applied advanced linear and non-linear robust control theories (H∞ theory, μ synthesis, and sliding mode control theory) for those structures, and developed new approaches of frequency shaped-sliding mode control.

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