Ahmad Hably


Associate Professor - HDR
GIPSA-lab, PSD pole
Contact: ahmad.hably@grenoble-inp.fr
Phone: +33 (0)4 76 82 63 87

Research Address: Ampere Building B, Office B131
BP 46, Domaine Universitaire
38400 Saint Martin d'Hères, FRANCE

Teaching Address: GreEn-ER ENSE3
21 avenue des Martyrs CS 90624
38031 Grenoble cedex 1, France

Twitter: @HablyAhmad
Google Scholar: Ahmad Hably


  • (Jan 2021) Welcome to Kaouther Moussa and Hilton Tnunay that joined us in the TAMOS project. Also welcome to Majid Mehrasa that will work in the aVEnir Project.

  • (Dec 2020) My new office is B131.

  • (Dec 2020) My paper in TAC on “Escort function definitions for feasible region flexibility in applications of Replicator-like dynamics with constraints” has been accepted

  • (Dec 2020) New videos on the optimization, control, programming Matlab and Julia are available (see courses and tutorial page)

  • (Sept 2020) I have joined Section Board Member of “Energies” an Open Access Journal by MDPI

  • (Sept 2020) I have been elected to the grade of Senior Member by the IEEE

  • Our paper “Bounded attitude control of rigid bodies: Real-time experimentation to a quadrotor mini-helicopter” is in the top 25 most cited papers since 2011 (among more than 1000) of Control Engineering Practice (co-authors : J.-F. Guerrero-Castellanos, N. Marchand, S. Lesecq and J. Delamare; Control Engineering Practice, Vol. 19(8), pp. 790-797, 2011)

Scientific interests

My research is related mainly to Control, Optimization, Energy systems and Robotics with applications in:

  • Airborne wind energy.

  • Vehicle to grid (V2G) and smart grids.

  • Mobile robotics and drones.

  • Automatic control educational systems.

Short bio

  • 2020: Head of COPERNIC Team.

  • 2017: HDR, Habilitation à diriger des recherches, from Comue UGA (GIPSA-lab). Title: “Non-conventional energy systems: Modeling, control and integration to power grids”.

  • 2008- today: Associate professor in ENSE3 of G-INP.

  • 2007-2008: ATER, Attaché Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche, in Université Montpellier II et LIRMM.

  • 2007: PhD in automatic control from INPG (GIPSA-lab). Title: “Approches bornées pour la commande des drones”.

  • 2003-2004: Master 2 Recherche en automatique – productique - INPG (Laboratoire d'Automatique de Grenoble).

  • 2003: Electrical and control engineer from Lebanese University.

Some educational responsibilities
  • 2019 - today: Head of international master MARS (Mobile Autonomous Robotic Systems).

  • 2012-2019: Responsible Relations Internationales (RI) For the option ASI of ENSE3.

  • 2017-2019: Responsible second year students ASI (50 students).

  • 2015 - today: Responsable of three courses (50 students).

  • 2015 - today: Co-responsible of engineering projects (300 students).

  • 2015 - today: Organizer of Innovation Challenge ENSE3 (300 students).

  • 2011 - today: Co-responsible of collective projects (150 students).

  • 2008 - 2012: Responsable of technological platform AIDA.

(Main) Projects
  • Research projects:

2013-2017: “PARADISE” ANR project. Partners: G2ELAB, CEA/INES-L2S, LBMS, SOREA, SOCOMEC, AER.
2012-2014: “Smart Energy” Grenoble-Inp project. Partners: G2Elab, G-SCOP and LIG.
2013-2017: ARC Energies Rhone-Alpes project. Partner: G2Elab.
2016-2017: “Drone Captif” Project of Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
2019-2022: “aVEnir” National project. Partners: Groupe Renault, Groupe PSA, Schneider Electric, Total EV Charge, Groupe EDF (filiale IZIVIA), Dreev, GIREVE, Trialog, Electric 55 Charging, Université Grenoble Alpes, Aix Marseille Université.
2017-2020: “m2M-Grid” Joint programming initiative ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus. Partners : Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola ,CEA-INES, Göteborg Energi, G2eLab, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Göteborg Energi.

  • Industrial projects:

2018: “HRDRONE” Projet Out of labs de la SATT Linksium.
2018-2020: “HRDRONE” Maturation Drone Hybride, SATT Linksium project.
2019: Industrial contract with “Suez”.
2017: Industrial contract with “Engie”. Partner Engie and ENSE3.
2015-2016: Industrial contract with “VM2C”.
2015-2016: Industrial contract with “Cosmica”. Partners Cosmica spacelines and Airstar-light company.

  • Educational projects:

2013-2017: PERSYVAL-lab project “Persycup”.
2018-2020: IDEX formation project “CRUGA”.
2014-2016: PERSYVAL-lab project “Hydraulic valley”.
2017-2019: IDEX formation project “RobotMe”.
2018-2020: IDEX formation project “MRSA”.

PhD boards

Harun Turker (G2eLab, 20-12-2012), Examinateur.
Jonatan Alvarez (GIPSA-Lab, 07-11-2017), Examinateur.
Baptiste Cadalen (IMS Bordeaux, 14-09-2018), Rapporteur.

Conferences committees

International Conference on Renewable Energies for Developing countries (REDEC), International Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC), ICMEM’2017.