Nicolas Marchand


Deputy director of GIPSA-lab
Directeur de Recherche CNRS - HDR
GIPSA-lab, Control Systems Department
Phone: +33 (0)4 76 82 62 28
GPS: 45°11’36.79“N, 05°45’58.35”E
Google map: link
Address:+ ENSE3, Building B, Office B373
BP 46, Domaine Universitaire
38400 Saint Martin d'Hères, FRANCE


Scientific interests

My research is focused on two main topics:

  • Control and stabilization of flying robots and more specifically using bio inspired strategies. The weight constraints and therefore the computation and energy limitations, the highly nonlinear dynamics coupled with a difficult identification of parameters renders this problem very challenging.

  • Control theory for computer sciences. Computer science and microelectronics is a relatively new area for control theory. My work is focused on the control of systems on chips and cloud systems.

PhD Students


  • BOISSEAU Bruno (oct. 2013-today) “Event-based control of a micro biomimetic robot”, coll. J.R. Martinez-Molina (GIPSA-lab) and T. Raharijaona (ISM)

  • ALVAREZ MUNOZ Jonatan Uziel (oct. 2013-today) “Modeling and control of VTOL vehicles with rigid manipulators”, coll. F.G. Guerrero-Castellanos (BUAP)

  • COLMENARES VAZQUEZ Josué (nov. 2013-today) “Conception and navigation for an hybrid terrestrial aerial robot”, coll. P. Castillo (Heudiasyc/LAFMIA) and E. Gomez-Balderas (GIPSA-lab)

  • ESPITIA HOYOS Nicolas (oct. 2014-today) “Event-based control of networks modeled by infinite dimension systems”, coll. A. Girard (LJK) and C. Prieur (GIPSA-lab)

  • TELLEZ GUZMAN Jose Juan (oct. 2014-today) “Teleoperation of an UAV for navigation in unstructured environments using a portable haptic interface”, coll. P. Castillo (Heudiasyc/LAFMIA) and E. Gomez-Balderas (GIPSA-lab)

  • CERF Sophie (oct. 2015-today) “Dependability-Oriented Distributed Control of Cloud Services”, coll. S. Bouchenak (LIRIS) and B. Robu (GIPSA-lab)


  • BEREKMERI Mihaly (oct. 2012-nov 2015), “Modeling and control of cloud services, Application to MapReduce performance and dependability”, coll. S. Bouchenak (LIG before sept. 2014, LIRIS after sept. 2014) and B. Robu (GIPSA-lab)

  • [PDF] MANECY Augustin (oct. 2011-jul. 2015) now engineer at ONERA, “Bio inspired visual control: application to the control of UAVs”, coll. S. Viollet (ISM)

  • [PDF] MARIE-MAGDELEINE Artem (fev. 2010-jun. 2013) now engineer at Alstom, “Transfer function caracterization of cavitating pumps”, Coll. with R. Fortes-Patella (LEGI)

  • [PDF] MALRAIT, Luc (oct. 2007-jun. 2012) now at Mathworks in UK, “Modeling and control of data based web servers”, Coll. with S. Bouchenak (LIG)

  • [PDF] DURAND, Sylvain (dec. 2007-jan. 2011) now assistant professor at ICUBE/INSA-Strasbourg, “Modeling and control of the computational power of embedded platform”, Coll. with D. Simon (INRIA)

  • [PDF] EL RAFEI, Maher (oct. 2005-dec. 2008) now assistant professor at Lebanese University, Tripoli, Lebanon, “Modeling and control of an eel robot”, Coll. with M. Alamir (GIPSA-lab)

  • [PDF] RIFAI, Hala (oct. 2005-nov. 2008) now assistant professor at Université Paris Est Créteil and Laboratoire LISSI, France “Modeling and control of insect like flapping wing robots”

  • [PDF] LOUVAT, Benoit (oct. 2004-fev. 2008) now in a private company in Canada “Real time image analysis for a visual servoing system embarked on a plane” , Coll. with L. Bonnaud et G. Bouvier (GIPSA-lab)

  • [PDF] GUERRERO, Jose-Fermi Castellanos (oct. 2004-jan. 2008) now professor at Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Mexico “Rigid bodies attitude estimation and bounded control, application to a mini quadrotors”

  • [PDF] HABLY, Ahmad (oct. 2004-dec. 2007) now assistant professor at Grenoble-INP, France “Automatic control for UAV's”

Short bio

2011-2015: Head of Control Systems Department, Deputy director of GIPSA-lab
Since 2013: Directeur de recherche CNRS
2013: “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherche” (HDR)
2008-2011: Head of SYSCO-Team
2002-2013: Chargé de recherche CNRS
2000-2002: Assistant professor at the University Paris-Sud and Laboratoire des Signaux et Systèmes, Orsay, France
1999-2000: Temporary teaching and research attaché (ATER) at the technological university institute of Villeurbanne, France
1996-1999: PhD student at Grenoble-INP
1995: Engineer from Grenoble-INP