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Allow me to introduce myself...

I am full professor at GRENOBLE-INP (Ense3) and researcher at GIPSA-lab (Control System Department). My research interest is related to modelling and robust control of mechatronic systems (e.g. Polytopic system modeling, Linear Parameter-Varying systems, Switching control and Invariant-Set Theory for Fault-Tolerant Control and Robust Disturbance Estimation/Rejection), mostly in the following applications: Automotive vehicle dynamics, Aerial vehicle dynamics, Wind turbines control,  Physiologic-aware electric bikes and Anti-vibration systems. I have obtained the Accreditation to Supervise Research (HDR) from the Université Grenoble Alpes, France, in July 2013 (See the slides of the HDR defense).


My former Ph.D. Students:

Marouane Alma (Active vibration suppression, in collaboration with Ioan Landau), May 2011
Antoine Lemarchand (Highways traffic robust control, in collaboration with Damien Koenig), Oct 2011
Jennifer Zarate-Florez (Hydro-power valley optimal coordination, with G. Besancon and D. Faille), May 2012
Sebastien Varrier (Automotive fault-tolerant control, in collaboration with Damien Koenig), Sept 2013
Ting-Hong Wang (Hybrid vehicle robust control, in collaboration with Olivier Sename), Oct 2013
John A. Sandoval-Moreno (Multi-energy systems coordination and control, with Gildas Besancon), Nov 2014
Alexandre Simon (Fluid-structure interaction: identification and control, with R. Fortes), Dec 2016
Bruno Boisseau (Event-based control using invariant-sets approaches, N. Marchand & T. Raharijaona), June 2017
Nassim Loukkas (Set-membership estimation for linear and LPV systems, with N. Meslem) June 2018
Nadia Rosero (Invariant-set approaches for Physiologic-aware Control for Pedelecs), Nov 2018
Diego Rodriguez (Control of the Remaining Useful Lifetime on friction drives, with C. Berenguer), Nov 2018

My current Ph.D. Students are:
Maxime Chorin (Physiologic-aware control by using electrical bikes, in coll. with S. Vergès (INSERM)) 2019.
Dimitrios Kapsalis (Safe autonomous vehicle control, with O. Sename & V. Milanes) 2019.
Hussam Atoui (Robust and accurate lateral vehicle control at low speeds, with O. Sename & V. Milanes), 2019.
Elena Romero-Fandiño (Prognosis and robust control for wind turbines, with C. Berenguer), 2020.
Monica Spinola-Felix (AI and model-based control for wind turbines health management, with K. Tidriri), 2021.

Former industrial collaborations: EDF R&D, EDF DTG, Hutchinson R&D, Paulstra-Vibrachoc, Ascorel, Alstom-Hydro, Airstar, FCBA, Echoforêt, CNES, SNECMA, ARO Welding Technologies, Dassault Aviation, Drone Interactive, Groupe Renaut R&D.

I had received the French "Prime d'Excellence Scientifique" since October 2011, and the Jean-Pierre Noblanc award for excellence 2008 in the context of European BLAZE project.

I has organized a Ph.D. Summer School on Positive invariance as a set-theoretic method for fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control, in September 2015, in collaboration with Sorin Olaru (Centrale-Supelec) and Didier Theilliol (CRAN).

The invited speakers were:
F. Blanchini (Italy); J. De Dona (Australia); J.J. Martinez (Fr); S. Olaru (Fr); V. Puig (Spain); V. Reppa(Fr); O. Sename (Fr); F. Stoican (Romania); M. Seron (Australia); D. Theilliol (Fr).