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I'm currently a research fellow at French CNRS in cognitive sciences and language sciences. My research investigates the influence of body (sensory-motor systems) and environment on language and spoken communication. I'm studying how motion adaptations and coordinations are set-up to support the interactions with human and technological environments. I'm considering behavioral changes according to the context and over time as a behavioral window towards the cognitive processes that underlie language and communication.

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ANR-DFG SALAMMBO (Spoken lAnguage in motions: Learning and Adaptation of speech coMMunication in the context of BOdy motion)

I'm a co-PI of this project with Susanne Fuchs. The project started in 2018. It will investigate the speech-breathing-limbs motion relationships in the learning and adaptation of spoken communication. More information about the project: here.

The ComEns project

The ComEns project focuses on communication skills in people with Down Syndrome. I'm a co-leader of the project with Marion Dohen. More information about the project:

ANR An@tomy2020

This project is led by Jocelyne Troccaz at TIMC lab. It investigates how body motion can improve the learning of anatomy. More information about the project:

International Winter School in Chorin, Germany 9-13 January 2017 on Speech Perception and Production: Learning and Memory.

Co-Organization: Susanne Fuchs (ZAS in Berlin), Joanne Cleland (University of Strathclyde, Schotland) and myself. The school was supported by a grant from the French-German university and a financial aid by ZAS, see here, and the book we edited (online free version) :


Department: Speech and Cognition

Team: PCMD

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PhD and internships offers

  • Master internships to work on the link between body motion and speech - opened to students in cognitive science, psychology, language science. Contact me.

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